Shifting Chronology

The narratives of this residency have been dictated by many simultaneous voices. Our styles are incompatible, unparsable and interwoven throughout this project, like a rat king. How can we start to not unweave this tangled mess but see it anew, not a knot but a course, a web, a set of motions that left us here. We hope you will find our voices harmonious in places, and discordant in others. Feel free to add your own. We have written this in snippets and fragments and tiny bursts of energy and of inspiration. We’ve gone to work mid-thought, our wifi has cut out mid discussion. We write in code, we write code.

Literal Morphology aims to encounter the world as raw, before the forming of narratives, how can we learn to move through these untamed fields? How do we restrain them? And how can we let them take new forms that are comprehensible but still fluid. Join us as we decipher, synthesize and extrude how we compile, compact and restack the world. In-grid is a wordsmith, a magpie for beautiful expression. Watch as In-grid constructs their own identity, and consider how your language has constructed yours.