Alter worlds

Storytelling is how we remember and how we predict. Narratives are used to caution, to ensnare and to enrich. In-grid is pulling at the threads of these narratives, dissolving them before reworking their disparate bits into new configurations. Our world has been thrown up into the air and we watch as the dust settles, new combinations arise, systems interweave with other systems, forming tangible connections where there were previously none. How can dystopia become a fertile playing ground for new imaginaries?

We are at a fissure between objectivity and fantasy. It is into this chasm we shall jump, free-falling between the absolute and the absolutely not, a place where new possibilities lie and new connections can be built. In-grid will regale you with stories of Alter Worlds, petri-dishes for other ways of being. They will use these visions to reassure you that alternatives exist, but also as a call to arms – PAY ATTENTION, see what happens when you sleepwalk into a world before you dream it into being.