Liminal Touch

How does the landscape look through one eye? Why not open another? Or another? What does this vista look like from below or above, in infrared, in odor or in taste?

When we try to include non-human actors in our narratives, we can’t help but anthropomorphize, settling into a position where humans are at the center of everything, and all that is seen is from that positionality and perspective. This does not acknowledge we are multitudinous in nature, the cells of your body constantly die and regrow, die and are replaced (or not) infused with our habitat. We leave little pieces in our wake like dander, on surfaces, in tea, in other people’s bodies and minds, in the words we write and the thoughts we omit. We not only leave little traces of our consciousness scattered, littered around, but we also soak up more than we realize. We are porous and greedy. We are generous and messy. Our Liminal Touch aims to progress these relations of an isolated internal to a new entwined relation of systems where we are intra-acting among others. It is looking to identify how we can be touched, and how we touch (non-human) others.